Why Attend

Learn from each other, grow critical relationships, identify the latest trends in response, and source new products and services.

As an emergency response professional working in the inland environment, it is important to stay up-to-date on best practices and lessons-learned for incident prevention and response and maintain relationships with all parties involved in a response. At the CLEAN WATERWAYS Conference, April 9-11, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with governmental units and diverse response organizations, including maritime, facilities, rail, and pipeline during dedicated networking activities, conference sessions, and on the exhibit floor, where you can check out the latest technologies advancing the industry.

The sessions programmed for this year’s conference offer real-world and actionable solutions delivered by speakers from multiple perspectives, including government agencies, industry professionals, consultants, and environmental experts. Come learn about response planning across borders, relationship building prior to and during an emergency, communicating to stakeholders, interagency coordination, case studies on the Milepost 14 incident response, required response tactics for non-traditional oils and much more!

More reasons to attend:

  • Conference sessions cover practical information on incident prevention and response challenges specific to inland waterways in the U.S. and Canada. You will gain valuable insights on topics specific to response in the inland environment from multiple perspectives, including regulators, industry professionals, consultants and environmental experts.
  • Abundant opportunities to network with your peers away from the stressful challenges of a response and learn from each other, as well as build important relationships with those you may work with during a future incident.
  • Navigate the intimate show floor to source technologies, equipment, and services for preventing, preparing for, and responding to oil spills and other environmental incidents.

Attendee Justification

We understand it’s been more challenging to travel these last few years, but now more than ever is the time to come together and connect with your peers at the CLEAN WATERWAYS Conference to share best practices and lessons-learned with people directly involved in incident prevention and response in inland regions and waterways.

Use these justification tools to convince management to approve your request to travel to CLEAN WATERWAYS:

>>Ideas and pointers
>>Attendance justification letter


  • Academia/Associations
  • Chemical/Petrochemical Companies
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Horizontal Drilling
  • Legal
  • Local Emergency Planning Committees
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Marine Fire & Salvage Responders
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Oil & Gas Operators
  • Oil Spill Planning & Prevention Consultants
  • OSROs
  • Pipeline Operators
  • Port Authorities
  • Railroad Companies
  • Shipping & Barge Companies
  • Spill Co-ops
  • State & Federal Regulatory Agencies
  • Terminal & Storage Operators
  • Trucking
  • Tugging/Towing
  • Waste Generators
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation Agencies


  • All Hazards Response Specialist
  • Area Response Manager
  • Assistant Director, Vessel Services
  • CEO
  • Chief, Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Chief, Prevention Department
  • Crisis Management Services Director
  • Director of Compliance
  • Director, Emergency Response
  • Director of HS&E
  • Emergency Management Director
  • Environmental Remediation & Compliance Specialist
  • Environmental Specialist
  • Federal On-Scene Coordinator
  • Hazardous Materials Manager
  • Hazmat and Emergency Response Officer
  • Health and Safety Manager
  • Oil Programs Director
  • Operations Manager
  • Policy Advisor
  • Port Security Specialist
  • President
  • Response Supervisor
  • Safety Director
  • Senior HSE Specialist
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Senior Wetland Scientist
  • Spill Response Coordinator
  • State On-Scene Coordinator
  • Technical Specialist
  • Terminal Manager
  • Transportation Specialist
  • Vessel Operations Manager
  • Vice President of Marine Services
  • Vice President, Operations
  • Vice President, Regulatory Compliance